• Exercising together with Afari
  • Go to the beach with Afari
  • Snowshoeing with the Afari

The Afari provides comfort support endurance when you venture outdoors.

We know you're motivated. The Afari helps with your barriers.


Afari Features

Fit To You

Based on your height and t-shirt size.

Upright Posture

Walking is easier this way.

Large Wheels

Roll easily over diverse terrain.

Active Steering

Doesn't get jammed in cracks.

Bike Shop Friendly

Easily servicable by bike technicians.

Front Locking Brake

High torque disc brake.

Adjustable Resistance

Pace with your walking speed.


Cargo bags, lights, phone holders.

Additional info ...

+ Starting at $1,875.
+ Contact Us to configure and quote.
+ Shipping within the contiguous US, Alaska, and Hawaii.
+ The Afari is packed in one box and requires some assembly.
+ Delivery to your door or to a local bike shop for assembly, your choice.
Visit our dealer page if you are located in the USA or UK and you are interested in becoming an Afari dealer.

Our team understands your barriers. Because we have them too.

The Afari has helped people who face balance impairment, fear of falling, pain, with neurologic diagnoses including stroke, multiple sclerosis, parkinson's disease, brain injury, cerebral palsy, guillaume barre syndrome, and with orthopedic diagnoses including osteaoarthritis, osteoporosis, amputees, knee & hip replacements, and lower back pain.

Meet the Team

Ryan Beaumont CEO Ryan is leading the Afari launch, the flagship product for Mobility Technologies, drawing on 15 years of experience with sales, biomechanics, manufacturing, and startups. Linkedin
Michael Gilson CMO Mike directs the Afari multi-channel marketing strategy and executive team development. Mike is a graduate of Wharton and veteran of the USAF. Linkedin
Elizabeth Depoy Clinical Director Liz is an Afari co-inventor and leader of clinical research relating to health outcomes, with expertise in occupational therapy, disability theory, and stigma. Linkedin
Stephen Gilson Design Director Stephen is an Afari co-inventor and directs Afari design, with expertise in art, industrial design, and design for disability. Linkedin
Vince Caccese Technology Director Vince is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and a licensed Professional Engineer, with over 35 years experience in structural analysis, product testing, and sensor development Linkedin

Get in Touch With Us

Ask us literally ANYTHING

The Afari is a new product. We expect to answer questions. Email and Facebook Messenger are the fastest ways to reach us. We can also schedule a time to talk via phone or video chat.