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We are building our dealer network in 2019. Check back soon for an updated dealer map.

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We are seeking Afari dealers. In fact if you operate a recumbent trike shop or a home health showroom, you may have received info about the Afari via direct mail, email, or phone as a part of our 2019 dealer campaign.

Recumbent Trike & Cycle Shops
  • 40% of Afari customers own recumbent trikes but have decided to stop riding because their needs have changed.
  • Alternative to e-assist. Half of Afari customers with trikes have electric assist kits, and the other half are not interested in e-assit.
  • Adaptable to fit customer. As with a trike, the Afari is configurable and can be outfitted with bike accessories.
Home Health Showrooms
  • Make the outdoor home accessible. The Afari is the only premium mobility product designed for outdoor exercise and recreation, and can be used for walking around the home, neighborhood, or a nearby trail.
  • Home Exercise Programs (HEP). Customers find that the Afari helps them adhere to home exercise programs recommended by their PT/OT.
  • High Conversion Rate. 90% of customers who visit our showroom purchase the Afari after trying it.
  • Many options for promotion. We provide marketing collateral for Afari promotion in wellness programs, support groups, and clinic inservice programs.

If you are interested in becoming an Afari dealer, please provide your contact info and questions in a brief message below. Ryan Beaumont will promptly follow up with you.

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